Charles Bourrier, the case speaker from Latvia at NordMatch needs your HELP to make his dream a reality // the hitchhiker’s guide to social change

Hi you,

3 years ago, I started to work on a book project called “The hitchhiker’s guide to social change”. I would like to bring this book in your hands and in the hands of change makers.


This book is meant to help people who have an envy to start a social initiative, accompany them in these critical first steps of building their project. By splitting this process in diverse simple and creative steps it is possible to make it accessible to all and bring a tool to build a social project and avoid diverse traps such as wrong assumptions or negative side effects of the project.

The method can be used and applied through workshops, and used as a support and tool to be used by the participants after a workshop.

I need your help for the crowd funding campaign to be a success and realize my dream of making this tool accessible to all. The future profits from the book will allow us to finance the development of JuHu (a social enterprise I started with my partner Elina in Latvia


1: BACK THE PROJECT kisskissbankbank

10-15€ is already helping, the more backers the more the project attracts attention.

2: Share the project through you network (The book is both in English & French)

3: Share the project on facebook // twitter // google // at your workplace // in your school // …

Below you will find more informations about the project and some excerpt of the book (english version).

The book will lead you through four steps :

step 1: “Myself & my dreams”

step 2: “Reality check & personal twist”

step 3: “co-creation & resource mining”

step 4: “co-creation & critical feedback”

In this book I have combined diverse existing methodology amongst them:

– Tools I have been using during trainings on intercultural topics (AFS, EFIL, intercultur, …)

– Tools derivated from designthinking & human centered design

– Tools developed throughout the project







Warm Hugs From Riga !

Charles Bourrier social designer & social entrepreneur

Latvia | Baltic & Nordic countries
+371 2 0477540
Skype: charles.bourrier 


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Join the group “Nordic Children´s culture” in Linkedin

“Should we start a Nordic network for children´s culture”

The network meeting at NordMatch gathered over 40 participants from the Nordic countries. Short presentations by  the participants showed that the group consisted of artists, producers, professionals working with administrative and educational questions within the theme. The participants also identified some  Nordic structures for cooperation within children´s culture, but no interdisciplinary Nordic network.

 Some Nordic and national networks mentioned
– Nordic cooperation on a ministerial level
– Nordic network involving principals in schools
National services
– bø in Denmark, on the webb until 2013
– in Sweden
– Aladdin´s Lamp, national network in Finland:
– Norsk kulturforum
– Skolesekken for schools in Norway
– Drama Borale
– Network of researchers on children´s culture
– CBK Centrum för barnkulturforskning, Stockholms university (Sweden)

In small groups we discussed needs of nordic cooperation and identified following issues:
– seminars and meetings on a regular basis
– exchange of information, knowledge and contacts
– services to facilitate artists touring in the Nordic countries
– interdisciplinary cooperation
– information on structures in different countries work
– web services to facilitate activities of a network
– a forum to continue the discussions

The group agreed on continuing the discussion using Linkedin and the group is now up an going, please join the group “Nordic Children´s culture”

Zusan Söderström from the Information and culture centre Luckan, hosting the meeting, told about an application in progress by Luckan to be submitted to Nordic Culture Point for Short term network funding. Funding would make it possible to arrange 2-3 network meeting in different Nordic countries in order to gather individuals and organisations working within children culture, collect more information on existing structures and activities in the Nordic countries, explore the interest and willingness to form an interdisciplinary Nordic network within Children culture and work on a project plan in order to submit an application for funding  to start up of a Nordic network.

Thank you all for participating at the network meeting. Zusan has discussed with the organizers of BIBU, the Performing Arts Biennale for Children and Youth about the possibility of a network meeting at the Biennale in Helsingborg.

Join the group “Nordic Children´s culture” in Linkedin and let´s keep up the contacts and go on with the discussions.


Zusan Söderström

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The programme for NordMatch is out!

The programme leaflet for NordMatch is ready for you. Here you find info on the speakers, the panel, the venue and the timetable. We also have a map for you to find your way around Tampere. Be sure to download your own copy. And remember, the last day to sign up is January 12th!

Download the NordMatch programme

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The NordMatch team 2014


From left: Malou Olander, Riikka Wallin, Anki Hellberg-Sågfors, Thomas Nybergh

Team members:
Anki Hellberg-Sågfors, manager
Riikka Wallin, producer
Malou Olander, production assistant
Thomas Nybergh, production assistant
Carolina Husu, media assistant

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you at NordMatch!

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Creativity World Forum at Ice Live Business Forum 30-31.1


As a NordMatch participant you get a discount on the ticket to Creativity World Forums event Ice Live Business Forum in Tampere 30-31.1.2014. Meet the worlds leading business developers, thought-leaders, innovation experts and entrepreneurs at the business conference. The topics of Ice Live Business Forum 2014 are: Sales and marketing, Leadership and personal growth and Creativity and innovation. Please mention that you are a NordMatch participant when booking your ticket at:


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Business Angel Moni Sillanpää from FIBAN

Moni Sillanpää

Moni Sillanpää will be on the panel of financiers at NordMatch. Moni Sillanpää is a representative of the Finnish Business Angel Network FiBAN’s Tampere section and she is looking for interesting new start-up cases. She is a business professional with experience from small start-ups to gigantic international corporations. She works as Business Manager at Descom Oy and has been CEO, Co-Founder, and Member of the Board at OpenLight Factory Oy, Innovation specialist at LeadIn as well as Senior manager, Business Strategy and Head of Strategy and Portfolio Planning at Nokia.


FiBAN is a Finnish national network of private investors aiming to inspire private investments made in privately held potential growth companies. Business angel investment refers to an investment made by a private individual to a privately held unlisted company. These early stage companies are generally less likely to be applicable for funding through banks or venture capital funds. In addition business angels bring crucial assets to the company, such as personal know-how and networks.

FiBAN strives to further develop the private investor sector and to increase investment activity in general. FiBAN itself doesn’t act as a fund, but applies the best available practices to facilitate activities in the private investment field.


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Kestutis Drazdauskas presenting Vilnius Film Cluster



Vilnius Film Cluster unites a number of companies of the audiovisual sector. It started in 2009 in the effort to save the now gone Lithuanian film studio. By now the cluster has grown to become an influential organization. It was a major driving force in the preparation and establishment of Vilnius Film Office in the fall of 2011. The Cluster is an active member of the National Association of Creative and Cultural Industries.

One of the cluster’s joint projects is the construction of the 1100 m² soundproof film stage with adjacent 700 m² of office and storage space and the largest chroma key green screen in the Baltics. The studio is scheduled to open in April 2014.

By combining our resources and know-how we are able to take part in small to medium size film co-productions. Members of the cluster partially financed the recent domestic hit Fire Heart that hit the box office with 1,1 million Euros and the Latvian production Mother, I love you by Janis Nords which won the Generation Kplus section at Berlinale 2013.



Kestutis Drazdauskas started in the film industry as an Assistant Director in 1995 and as a producer in 1998. Since then he has become one of the most active film producers in Lithuania. In 2003 he founded his own production company ARTBOX, which has produced short films and features, as well as TV commercials. The short film “White on Blue”, was shortlisted as best European short at Les Lutins, France in 2004, and won the best soundtrack award in Clermont Ferrand festival. This film also participated in the Venice film festival.

Kestutis has co-founded several companies working in different areas of the film industry and he has been the mastermind behind the establishment of the Vilnius Film Cluster that unites a number of companies in the audiovisual sector. One of the cluster’s joint projects is the construction of a soundproof film stage with adjacent office and storage space and the largest chroma key green screen in the Baltics.

Vilnius Film Cluster

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Creative Economy put into Practice: Sign up for the next NordMatch conference 28-29 January 2014 in Tampere, Finland!

NordMatch is a Nordic and Baltic network meeting gathering cultural managers, agents, artists and other professionals facilitating culture and cross-sector cooperation.
* Case presentations from all Nordic and Baltic countries
* Refining project ideas
* Workshop on pitching
Pitching ideas for a panel of experts
* Study visits & network meetings
* Party for mingling and match
NordMatch is organised by Produforum, a EU-financed project offering support and tools for the independent art field to improve visibility and cooperation.

Sign up here!

The last day to sign up is 12 January.

Download the NordMatch programme!

Below you find more information on the case speakers, study visits and network meetings at NordMatch2014.

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Biophilia Connecting Music and Science presented by Guðrún Bachmann from Iceland

At NordMatch the music and science workshops “Biophilia” will be presented in words, images, sounds and videos by Guðrún Bachmann, science communicator at the University of Iceland.


The project fuses  music and science in an innovative and artistic way – with riveting results. The University of Iceland received in September 2012 the EUPRIO award for the Biophilia workshops and Educational Programme.

The curriculum, jointly developed by the artist Björk, the University of Iceland and the City of Reykjavík, features musicology and various natural phenomena, such as dark matter, crystals, lightning, the moon, volcanic eruptions, tectonic plates, continental drift, viruses, and DNA.

Biophilia gives students the opportunity to use iPad apps to create their own variations on the material and rearrange the songs, molding potential future curricula.


Creativity without boundaries

The Biophilia Educational Program started in summer 2011 at Björk’s first Biophilia Residency at the Manchester International Festival, but was developed further in Iceland when 70 Reykjavík grade school students attended the musical science workshops in the Harpa music hall, led by music teachers and scientists from the University of Iceland.


Since then the Icelandic model of the workshop has toured the world with Björk. The project will continue to be available in Iceland, currently to school children in Reykjavík and from the summer 2014 also to children around Iceland, to begin with as  part of the University Train.

This innovative, cutting edge educational programme, combining music, science, technology and creativity,will be introduced to the Nordic countries as part of Iceland´s presidency of the Nordic Council in 2014 and offered to schools in at least 5 Nordic cities.

Guðrún Bachmann presenting Biophilia at NordMatch is currently the Manager of Public Science Communication Programmes at the University of Iceland (UoI). She has a MSc degree in Science Communication from UWE in Bristol, UK. Guðrún has worked at the University of Iceland since 2001. Before UoI she was Marketing Director of The Icelandic National Theatre 1993-2001 and copy writer and creative director in advertising agencies. Guðrún leads innovative projects on behalf of UoI, such as an ongoing collaboration with the Icelandic artist Björk Guðmundsdóttir on the Biophilia musical workshops and educational programme, integrating music, science, computer technology and creativity.   The Biophilia musical workshops have now developed into an innovative and cutting edge educational programme for Icelandic schools and will soon reach other Nordic countries through Iceland´s precidency in the Nordic Council 2014.

Biophilia Educational Programme
University of Iceland


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Case speaker Veronika Valk from Estonia: Architecture Forming Society

Veronika Valk from Estonia will in her case presentation talk about architecture forming the society, about the idea that practices of initiating or generating “the initiative” offer potentially open and affirmative ways to approach innovation through architecture.

Photo: Marin Sild

Photo: Marin Sild

Veronika studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EE) and the Rhode Island School of Design (US). She recently completed her PhD at the RMIT University School of Architecture in Melbourne (AU). Veronika lives in Tallinn and Barcelona and works as an architect in her practice Zizi&Yoyo. She is also editor at Estonia’s main cultural weekly Sirp and at an independent monthly Müürileht, as well as head of research at the Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture. She has won some 30 prizes at various competitions as well as published a number of critical essays on architecture and urbanism. Veronika Valk received the Young Architect Award in 2012.

Prepare for her case presentation by reading her Manifesto,  a text that was first published in the AD volume ‘The Innovation Imperative: Architectures of Vitality’ which was edited by Pia Ednie-Brown and issued by Wiley in London, in January 2013.

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Network meeting on development activities in theatre

Welcome to discuss and share ideas on development activities in theatre. Is your group or organisation interested in joint productions, artists exchanges, educational activities and research? Come and present your activities and discuss possible future models for Nordic and Baltic cooperation.


Mika Lehtinen, the Development Director at the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre – T7 – will be moderating the network meeting. He will also give a short presentation of T7. The centre, launched in autumn 2007, is aimed at developing practices related to the artistic, productive and technical operating cultures within theatres.

At the same time, university-level research and publications are produced as part of the basic and post-graduate degrees. Projects carried out within the Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre have a direct connection to working life. T7 cooperation is both regional, national and international. Contact: Mika Lehtinen,

T7_enYou can sign up for the network meeting when you arrive at the conference venue in Tampere.

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Network meeting on arts education

Current and future challenges and possibilities in arts education

Silja Suntola from Creative Industries Finland will host a network discussion on current and future challenges and possibilities in arts education. The aim is to identify the role of art education in a creative economy and society. The outcomes of the discussion will be used alongside other material in the preparation of a memo/guidelines on the matter by Creative Industries Finland. Contact: Silja Suntola,

Silja_suntolaYou can sign up for the meeting when you arrive at the conference venue in Tampere.

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Welcome to join a network meeting on children´s culture

Should we start a Nordic network for children’s culture?


Let’s find new ways to cooperate, to create contacts and to find new programmes and performances. Can we make it easier to tour in new places and find new stages? Can we create more visibility? Do we want a common web-based forum? Professionals in the field have on several occasions pointed out the need for a functioning Nordic network for children’s culture. Now we have the chance to start one. Would you like to join? Do you know others who might be interested? We are looking for people who want to make this happen! Contact: Zusan Söderström,

Your can sign up for the network meeting after you have arrived in Tampere.


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Network meeting on mentoring and peer support in the cultural field

Welcome to discuss mentoring and peer support in the cultural field at NordMatch

Mentoring and peer support  is increasingly used in different sectors to empower and introduce newcomers to a new country or field of work. The information and culture centre Luckan in Helsinki has a mentoring programme for immigrants, where many participants in the program have a background in culture and art. We believe that there is a need and a potential for a project focusing on methods and activities to empower people working in the cultural field. Maybe there are already similar activities in the Nordic and Baltic countries? Could we cooperate across the borders in the Nordic and Baltic region to broaden the markets for artists? Thanks to new media, distance is no longer a barrier in cross border cooperation.
You can sign up for the network meeting when you arrive at the conference venue in Tampere Contact: Anna Litonius,



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Travel allowance for NordMatch participants from Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

The Nordic Culture Fund has granted a travel allowance for NordMatch participants from Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. If you are interested, send us an email asap to with a short presentation of yourself, and with your contact details. After confirmation from us, please sign up.


 First come, first served.

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Study visit at NordMatch: DesignOnTampere – DOT & Mediapolis Tampere

29 January at NordMatch you can participate in one of four study visits. This study visit presents cooperation in design and  a new concept combining creative industries and the technology in a modern way.

DesignOnTampere (DOT)
association promotes design and city culture in Tampere region. An anarchistic approach to traditions and hierarchy changes design from seriousness to playful everyday life. Open-minded co-operation opens new interpretations of design.


DOT organises three Designtori – design markets, Tampere Design week and Tampere design district map on a yearly basis. In 2013 DOT also published the first DOT-magazine and opened a year-long pop up -shop in a local department store.
Emilia Kiialainen, Fashion Designer and Executive Manager will present DOT at the study visit.


DOT-magazine on Issue (in Finnish)


Mediapolis Tampere

Mediapolis Tampere is an internationally significant media campus, where the creative industries and the technology will be combined in a modern way.


Mediapolis concentrates on content production and Information & communications technology. Companies and students work side-by-side in an energetic atmosphere creating their own stories while utilizing different mediums. Mediapolis’ high technology and sense of community provide a productive frame for success. Companies and students will arrive in Mediapolis during autumn 2014.


You can sign up for the study visit after arriving in Tampere.

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Study visit at NordMatch: Demola & Neogames

Participating at this study visits at NordMatch will give you an opportunity to get a glimps of how students solve real-life cases together with partner companies and how Neogames brings the Finnish game industry together.


Real-life twist for students

Demola offers new ways and practices for collaboration between students, universities and business partners. Demola is a win-win-win situation for all. For companies and other organizations, Demola offers an access point to young talents with an award winning way to collaborate under meaningful projects.

University students work in teams to create innovative solutions for real-world needs. If the project results meet the planned objectives, the project partner can license shared rights or purchase all rights back to your business. This open innovation model is designed and approved together with project partners meeting the needs of the legal policies of global enterprises.


Demola is an expanding international network. In 2008, Demola was launched in Tampere, Finland and has now grown into a network with 7 Demola centers and several affiliate locations. The Demola concept  will be presented by Tiina Garvey at the study visit.

Demola Tampere
facebook: uusitehdas.demola



Neogames brings the Finnish game industry together. It is a member based nonprofit  organisation. The mission is to accelerate, coordinate, and support the development of the Finnish game cluster. Neogames exists to connect the industry players and serve their shared interests. Events are an elemental part of Neogames’ services and export activities. Neogames organizes several networking and recruitment events in Finland, as well as group trips to and stands at international events and fairs and also co-promote trade events in Finland.
Neogames will be presented by KooPee Hiltunen, Director of Neogames Finland Association.


You can sign up for this study visit after arriving in Tampere.

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Try out Social Circus methods in a workshop 29 January at NordMatch

On the second day of NordMatch you will have the possibility to take part in study visits. One of them is a workshop in Social Circus methods.

Photo: Mia Bergius

Photo: Mia Bergius

Welcome to the circus workshop! In this workshop you don’t needany special skills – you are welcome just as you are. In this 1,5 hour workshop social circus instructors Tytti Vuolle and Kamilla Nisso from Sorin Sirkus will help you find your hidden talents and forget your worries for a while. The workshop uses the methods of social circus. You will learn about different aspects of social circus and have some fun at the same time.
Max. 25 participants. You can sign up for the workshop after arriving in Tampere.

Social Circus2_copyrightMiaBergius_N

Photo: Mia Bergius

Sorin sirkus
Effective Circus


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Children’s Cultural Center Rulla & Cultural Scouts bringing culture to elderly people

One of the study visits offered 29 January will introduce you to Children’s Cultural Center Rulla and the concept Cultural Scouts bringing culture to elderly people using applied art methods.

Children’s Cultural Center Rulla


Photo: Teemu Keskinen

Rulla is a colourful children’s cultural center situated in a former textile factory hall. Here children are allowed to create their own artwork and participate in fun and exciting events. There are always exhibitions on display for children, too. The center is maintained by the City of Tampere Cultural Affairs. It has free admittance, and there are counsellors for groups and individual visitors.


Coodinator Paula Halkola, Tampere City / Department of Children’s Culture will introduce you to to Children’s Cultural Center Rulla and guide you to new ways of cultural cooperation with schools and maternity clinics developed in the city of Tampere.

Childrens Cultural Centre Rulla
Art Arc – cultural programme for shools


Cultural Scouts (Kulttuuripartio)

“Cultural scouts” bring applied art services to elderly people who are not able to achieve the services outside the home. In the visits, the “scout” organises cultural- and remembrance sessions using the applied art methods that interest the customer. The main goal is to have an empowering and easy going moment with the customers, who often are lonely and probably have a dementia.

“Cultural Scouts” was a pilot with the City of Tampere Home care-unit during winter 2012-2013.  It is a part of the Cultural Fitnes–concept, organised by Cultural Co-op Kaje /Kulttuuriosuuskunta Kaje. The model can be used also for e.g. in hospital hotels and nursing homes with long-term patients who can´t attend group activities. It´s a way of doing preventive senior care. Susanna Ihanus, Cultural Manager at Cultural Co-op Kaje will present the concept at the study visits.




You can sign up for this study visit after arriving in Tampere.

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Pauliina Seppälä from Mesenaatti in the NordMatch panel                                                                         logo

Good Tomorrow!
Create, Fund and Enable is the first open-for-everyone Finnish crowdfunding platform.

You don’t have to be rich to make an impact: for only 10€ you can become a patron of culture and business.

FOR FUNDERS enables you to join in funding projects that matter to you. Support your favorite artist’s new project, participate in your neighborhood park renovation or an afternoon club for school children. Fund a movie or a book. You can also invest in an innovation business or participate in starting a new bakery in your village.

FOR PROJECTS also opens up new opportunities for creatives. By presenting your idea for the public you can raise funding from those who wish to see it realized.  This simple tool is ideal for funding art, culture, innovation and social projects. It enables totally new kind of activity & economy in which anyone with a great project may raise funding. Mesenaatti.SHOP is a place where rewards can be placed after the campaign – for more funds to keep gathering over time. uses Holvi web bank system in the financial transactions, but Holvi offers project makers more: tools for budgeting, shared project accounts and more.


Companies, associations and funds are also welcome to join the crowdfunder’s community. Mesenaatti.PRO is their own page within service, where they can showcase their organization as well as the project they fund – or search funding for their own or their stakeholder’s projects.

Doing things together and creating something new is now easy. Never before has the threshold for starting something new been so low. is a tool for creating new culture and building the world around us.  Good Tomorrow!


Pauliina Seppälä is a co-funder of She is a visionary, beaming creative energy. With a background both in economics and social sciences, she is deeply engaged with the society, and working hard to create businesses that are socially benefitial. Contact:

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Lisa Sounio, our moderator at NordMatch

Brand and design expert, writer &  blogger Lisa Sounio (MSc, Econ., IDBM) was
co-founder of Dopplr, the online service for business travellers worldwide. Dopplr was sold to Nokia. Prior to Dopplr, Lisa founded Sonay Ltd., a consultancy specialized in communications & design strategy. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Lisa worked in brand marketing, export sales and product development for the design, furniture and hospitality industries, on three different continents.


Photo: Elvi Rista

During the 2007 fall TV season Sounio was a judge and investor on the Finnish version of “Dragon’s Den” the popular and controversial “pop-idol for entrepreneurs” television format. In addition to her work as CEO for Sonay Ltd, Sounio writes regular media columns and delivers colorful lectures in marketing.  Lisa’s first book “Brändikäs” became a very popular  guide to worklife and branding.

Lisa has studied economics, design management and art history & communications. In her free time Lisa travels to the russian border to her tiny cottage Villa Lupo to pick mushrooms and berries, and to cook outdoors.

Lisa´s blog

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Ida Burén from Intercult presenting SMartSe at NordMatch


Intercult works to internationalise Sweden’s culture life. We are an idea driven culture organisation with a production and resource unit, based in Stockholm. We have worked in Sweden and greater Europe since 1996, as initiator and leader of more than 20 trans-national culture projects. We take an active interest in national and European cultural policy.

We act interculturally, both as producers and experts. We initiate large scale co-productions, primarily at the European level, connecting artists, operators and audience, creating unexpected encounters.

Web ring together local and international initiatives, we work across disciplines and in multiple partnerships. We operate actively in several networks. We share intercultural and international project competence through seminars, conferences, lectures and mentorship.

We manage ACCESS EUROPA –the Swedish culture sector’s platform for increased engagement in Europe, currently with 60 members.

We are a Europe Direct office, engaging in cultural politics and citizen communication.

In 2012 we founded SMartSe together with SMartBe. SMartSe provides tools and advice for creative freelancers, including international opportunities.

Ida Burén

Photo: José Figueroa

Ida Burén is the CEO of Intercult and manages the development of Intercult’s daughter company SMartSe.  She has more than twenty years of experience as a producer of performing arts and managing advanced partnerships. Fifteen of theses have been set in an international environment, at Intercult and as head of productions and international touring at the contemporary circus company, Cirkus Cirkör. Ida Burén’s international work has always been pared with a strong local community perspective and engagement in culture and development. She has been active within community development in the Stockholm suburb Botkyrka for ten years, Together with Mamadou Sene she manages Djef Djel, a culture organization that creates cultural exchange between Sweden and Senegal. In Senegal they have successfully introduced circus arts as a way out of poverty.

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Refine your project idea in an Advisory ring – Pata Degerman at NordMatch2014


When I saw this picture in National Geographic taken by Gordon Wiltsie, I made a decision that I will go to that same place on Antarctica and climb mountains. There was only a small problem. It costed as much as a small apartment! That expedition was financed by National Geographic and contained the best climbers in the world. How could I, a finnish boy pull off a stunt like that? How could I get money for the project? I did not have a clue. I needed more ideas. Could I somehow invent a system to get ten times more ideas than I am capable of inventing? – This was the start of the Advisory ring.

During the last 20 years I have been planning and doing different kind of expeditions around the world from the polar areas, different jungles to deserted islands. A few of these expeditions have been to unvisited areas with the aim to climb first ascents. There are not that many of these areas left. And the ones left, are usually extremely difficult getting to. Especially these expeditions put me thinking in a different way than normally. I had to, otherwise I would not have been able to travel and fullfill my dreams.

The boarders we put up for ourselves are usually illusions. We are capable of going far longer than we think. This means that we sometimes have to step outside our comfortzone and do things in a different way. If we are strong enough to do that, it will open our senses and give us strenght for future challenges.

“Advisory ring”

The first advisory ring was put up to get more ideas how to finance one expedition to Antarctica. It worked good and I got the key idea in 15 min to close my deals. After the first session I noticed that this system can be applyed to almost any kind of project or work. You just need a small group of people and a few hours. The basic idea is that you will get bombarded with new, innovative ideas for a short period of time. Connections or thoughts outside your boarders. After the advisory ring, you go home with a bunch of new ideas, and new routes to get your project further.

I do not say the “advisory ring” method is the only right one. I bet there are several really good ones, but this just seems to work again and again.

At NordMatch 2014 I will explain how it is done and I will also lead the workshop on how to pitch your idea!

See you in Tampere, Finland!

Pata Degerman


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Accommodation at NordMatch

Check out the special NordMatch offers on accommodation in Tampere.

Special prices with our NordMatch campaign code. First come, first served rule apply so don’t hesitate, go and sign up for NordMatch2014 right away and start choosing your accommodation after that.

Accommodation and sign up here

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Elīna Bušmane and Charles Bourrier from Latvia presenting JūHū at NordMatch


Instead of focusing solely on creating a line of products or a brand, Elīna and Charles wish to develop a community to deal with social issues and support the local economy. Development of designer products under professional management is an effective tool for reintegrating people with mental and behavioral disabilities back into society and the job market. «In the twenty–first century, a designer is no longer just «an inventor of things», but a professional who is able to be flexible and solve problems within society, urban space, and economy, using design thinking as a tool to combine empathy, creativity, and rationality,» the project authors say. By creating a system that is based on community of people, by bringing together their skills and knowledge, it is possible to reach «JūHū’s» aim — responsibly create, manufacture, and sell high–quality designer products.

 The paragraph above is a copy from the article written by Ilze Peipiņa from the forum of Latvian design. ( We think that letting others talking about what we do is the most objective way to present the Project and our approach.


JūHū founders


Charles Bourrier, who has a BA in industrial design from the ÉCAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne), has also studied social design at Design Academy Eindhoven. He is trying to address the challenges of the society through social design using design thinking and a human centered design approach.

Charles the role of a designer changed from creating and inventing a product to a role where the designer is a connector and innovator who is able to flexibly address the challenges of the society. With a strong experience in the design field, and having founded a successful creative consultancy company in Switzerland, working on social design projects in Belgium and the Netherlands, and as a creative consultant for corporate companies, he left everything behind to come to Latvia and give a try to JūHū. He is driven by his envy to have an impact and make a change, all this while being able to sustain himself through the project.


Elīna Bušmane holds a degree from the Design department of the Art Academy of Latvia, went on to study at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, where she obtained a master’s degree in furniture design with minor field of study Creative Sustainability. Elina appreciates emphasis on innovations and interdisciplinary approach she could learn at Aalto.

At the moment, Elīna works for a Latvian design furniture firm «Nakts Mēbeles»; she is a product development manager and a brand consultant.

Elīna joined the project over one year ago. She has an invaluable knowledge of furniture manufacturing and being the creative director of the company she is working in she knows the insight of business in Latvia, and international collaboration.

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Karen Bue from The Nordic Culture Fond in the panel at NordMatch


Karen Bue

Karen Bue is the director of the Nordic Culture Fund, which promotes and invests in Nordic cultural co-operation and plays a key role in strengthening Nordic values, with culture as the driving force. For 2014, the Fund has earmarked DKK 3 million for a project that will boost digital arts and culture and promote innovative thinking. Each year, the Fund also provides grants for approx. 250 other projects.


Since it was established in 1966, the Nordic Culture Fund has awarded grants to more than 3,000 projects. And the support is set to continue. 

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Per Voetmann from Nordic Culture Point in the panel at NordMatch

Nordic Culture Point in Finland has as it’s mission to create space for cultural encounters. We do that through our library and cultural center in Helsinki, by spreading knowledge of Nordic culture and by providing grants for Nordic cultural cooperation.

Nordic Culture Point acts as secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ two support programmes for culture; Culture and Art Programme and Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, as well as KreaNord Programme for Cultural and Creative Industries in the Nordic region, and NORDBUK Children’s and Youth Programme.

Nordic Culture Point is one of the Nordic Council of Ministers institutions.

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Per Voetmann has been director of Nordic Culture Point since 2012. He will be one of the members of the panel at NordMatch.

Per Voetmann has had a long career in the Danish Ministry of Culture at management level, most recently as Office Director at the Department of Cultural Heritage.

At the Ministry of Culture Voetmann was responsible for the management of the state’s research libraries, the development of digital services for research and education, development of university libraries, cooperation between central and local cultural services, as well as the secretarial services to the Government’s Commission on Human Values.


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